A StoryAbout

Deb Lamperd

An adventure story
born from a love of creativity.

              In years past websites were held in the hands of big developers, who virtually had all control of your website. To do any sort of updates and amendments was time consuming and expensive as it travelled the weary road of the email highway.

Since WordPress arrived on the scene all this changed. WordPress is an open source platform and connects the world of the creative genius with the techno genius. It invites you to step forward and be heard in a world that so desperately needs the creatives to shine. If you are passionate about your business and what you do .. then WordPress was made just for you.

As a website developer and designer it has been an absolute privilege to connect “everyday” business people with the customers and clients looking for “them” through a website presence. Just as your business is a unique personality, so is your website.  Our aim is to make your website as unique and awesome as you are. Exclusive designs just for you!

Every story has a beginning. Whatever yours is, know that Creative 33 is ready when you are. We are patient. You will know when it is time to “step forward” into your new website … a new you … a new time to shine.

See you soon!

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